Interior Design


Gaysorn Plaza | Chef/Owner Bee Satongun


Bangkok, Thailand




2017 Book – Thai Modern Interior 01

Paste Bangkok is a innovative modern Thai restaurant located in Gaysorn Plaza in the heart of Ratchaprasong district of Bangkok specializing in Artisanal Thai cuisine. Century-old Thai recipes from all regions prepared with regionally sourced ingredients from riverbeds, forest and direct from the grower are offered in a modern presentation and creative twists.

Like the menu’s original interplay of Thai flavors and texture, the interior design style is contemporary and intentionally compatible with the artisanal Thai cuisine theme fusing contemporary Thai Style home décor and natural Thai organic inspired themes.

The planning features open, high ceiled and airy dining spaces combined with residential scaled private dining areas. Open kitchens and bar stations are informal and invite the guest to experience the creation of artisanal Thai cuisine. The double height rotunda space provides a dramatic focal point and overlooks the Ratchaprasong intersection below. Organic, sinuous strips of silkworm cocoons rise to the ceiling from sculptural lotus shaped intimate banquet seating.

Mid-20th century bungalow style contemporary houses found in Bangkok inspire the open wood beam structured ceiling. Decorative niches are adorned with traditional style Thai artifacts are contrasting yet compatibly fused with the contemporary décor.

The materials, colors and textures are classic contemporary Thai inspired. Neutral beige warm colored decorative board and batten-paneled walls are accented with celadon green. Furnishings are dark wood with warm beige and grey textured fabrics. Lighting is warm and ambient with accents of silkworm pendant lighting.


Massimo Gentile
Suvitcha Piyathanawiwat
Wiraporn Suwanwiwek
Naramon Jamigranont
Waraporn Phayungkiatboworn
Nirachada Wongcharoen

Ketsiree Wongwan