Architecture, Landscape Design


Phuket, Thailand


11,460 M2

CONCEPT INTRO: Our Architectural design narrative is drawn from the site, the significant natural features, regional historical and cultural influences. Located on a stunning southern headland crag of Phuket Island, Thailand, the site features are its greatest asset. Mountains, fresh-water steams, steep terrain, stone rock and ancient trees give a sense of mass, gravity, and timelessness. The ethereal endless horizon beckons onward travel, like Homer in the epic Odyssey. Like the ancient seafarers, spice traders, immigrants, and opportunist.

NARRATIVE THEMES: Several narrative themes have been considered for the architectural style design style. Modern, contemporary in style and suitable.

We cannot accurately predict the travel industry trends completely by opening date. We can predict that humans will remain creatures of very social habits. Travelers will continue to seek alternative and authentic experiences. Not a place of somber reflection, spirituality, and calm only – but a place to celebrate life. A resort experience to contemplate those moments we enjoy, and we wish to enjoy with others. Letting loose yet socially responsible. A lifestyle brand suitable to their own brand of lifestyle.

SITE ATTRIBUTES | NATURE: The first impressions of the site are the sweeping sand and rock beachfront, the steep terrain, the rocky headlands with stunning 180-degree expansive ocean views, seasonal heads winds and old growth heritage trees. The site’s natural beauty is clearly the projects greatest asset. Challenging and restrictive local zoning factor and the significant natural site features inspired and provoked the master plan design. The steep sloping terrain combined with the serpentine beachfront create a private cove suitable for a five-star resort. Crystal clear waters invite a day swim or moonlight swim.

POETIC | THE STONE SEAFARER: Imagine the moment waking from a powerful dream. The moment lost between a dream poised like a droplet of rain on leave and reality. The weightless of a ship on the water, slipping to the horizon, a silent sail. Permanent yet fleeting. Fused to the rock, between mountain and sea.

There is a metaphysical contradiction between dream and consciousness. There is a physical contradiction between water and stone. Between mountain and sea. Between form and, formlessness.


Brian Gillett
Montham Nomnaitham
Paovalee Pojanapreecha
Wana Chansawat
Krich Lekkla
Pattaraphon Premwhaew
Chanatip Pitavivadhananont
Apisara Kongchatree
Thunyanut Supa
Sorawid Techarbowornkiat

Chaovarith Poonpahol
Chaovarith Poonpahol