Architecture, Landscape Design


Boutique Land Limited | Oakwood Asia Pacific Limited


Bangkok, Thailand




7,856 M2

CONCEPT: The massing and architectural concept for this Oakwood
Apartment is a hypothetical ‘dialogue’ with the Soi and to the environmental
typology of tropical Bangkok. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 18, this is a garden
soi reminiscent of regional tropical Asian cities with grand, tree lined residential
blocks. Lined with trees, outdoor Thai cafes and restaurants along with five star
hotels and condominiums, the design is both upscale and residential in character.

The apartment mix, size, layout and design is contemporary and of international
standards of comfort and efficiency. The predominant glass façade feature is in
response to the owner’s attraction to the tropical modern glass facades of the
progressive Southeast Asian capitals– which we have re-interpreted to Bangkok
and this exceptional site.

FORM / ENVIRONMENT: The Parallelogram mass of the building is formed
by the diagonal shift in the plan parallel to the back boundary line. It is envisioned
as a ‘bend’ or fold in the street, as if forces form each direction compacts mass.
This shift reduces GFA, increases the retail area by creating a large shaded and
tree covered outdoor dining area and preserves the large existing tree at the
northeast corner. The buildings appearance is modern, urban and residential. I
t seeks both an environmental and sustainable ecological footprint retaining the
large existing trees, tropical gardens, large overhanging sun screens and other
energy saving features.

MATERIAL: The predominant exterior material feature is the east facing glass
curtain wall façade facing Soi 18. The compound creased façade creates a
moray effect of shadows and light. The horizontal and vertical laminated
tempered glass panels are tinted with a gray low-e coating supported on
stainless steel frames and cables. The three remaining facades are pre-cast
light weight concrete panels with a waterproof exterior coating. Polished black
granite or polished black tiles are a suggested alternative cladding.


Kitiporn Chanda
Patcharin Minthirach
Jettapon Setwong
Monthum Nomnaithum
Chitdanai Chatchawanwong
Tadporn Chettharat
Waiwut Thumwirach

Ketsiree Wongwan