Khao Yai
Custom Homes and Clubhouse
Owner | Operator : RedSomchai Co. Ltd.
Location : Khao Yai, Thailand
Date : 2005 Unbuilt
Concept : CLUBHOUSE The clubhouse is conceptualized as the architectural genesis and the functional activities center of the development. Located at the site’s most prominent hilltop, it functions as the center of guest amenities. Yet architecturally, it is conceived as an artistic collection of background buildings, ‘seamless’ with the landscape, low in scale and intended to frame the distant landscape rather than dominant as a single element. It is intended to be architecturally recessive yet powerful in form and position. The clubhouse architecture is essentially inspired by three concepts:

FUENG SHUI The buildings functional spaces are organized around the principles of FuengShui: North’s winter blue water, south’s summer red fire, west’s fall white metal and the east’s spring green wood influenced the architectural form, the views and the functional spaces within each direction. The architectural form is conceived as a fusion of the feng shui characters for each of the eight cardinal points.
FRAMED VIEWS The architectural form and massing is conceived as series of framing elements for the landscape: Foreground, middle ground and background. They are not massive single structures, but rather floating, transparent frames that focus the guest on the landscape rather than the architecture. Reflecting pools which extend into the cardinal directions are organized and placed such that reflect the distant mountains, not the architecture.