The Rocks
Condominuim Villas
Owner | Operator : Siam Realty Corporation
Location : Koh Samui, Thailand
Date : 2005 Unbuilt
Concept : The master plan and architecture for this ocean front site on the western coast of Koh Samui, Thailand is envisioned as a minimalist visual and poetic response to the intrinsic qualities of the site itself.
The boulder strewn east hill, the embedded rocks which recede and grow with the tide, the gently sloping grass hill and the view west to the South China Sea are the dominant physical visual elements unique to the site and so inspire the architecture.
The structures are conceived as thin vertical planar stone elements imbedded into the grade of the hillside and sloping beach front becoming visual foils or contrasting geometry to the sloping topography, the flat water, the strong horizontal horizon line and the round sculpted shapes of the boulders.
The architecture is embedded into the soil partially visible above grade an ‘implied mass’ below the surface, just as the massive, gravity laden rocks themselves are sunken into the ground.  The view is entirely focused on the view to the sea. Foreground, middle ground and background are all present: a stone Zen garden foreground, a framed view of the ocean as middle ground and the distant horizon as the background.