Citadines Soi 11
Owner | Operator : The Ascott l Boutique Asset Management | Citadines
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 2008
Concept : Soi Eleven is a night Soi – it functions by day but lives by night. Street venders, taxis, club goers, office workers and tourists crowd
the narrow Soi. It is infamously entertaining, vibrant and a small slice of things Bangkok. For many visitors and residents it personifies Bangkok both by day and night. As dusk descends, the lights multi-colored lights ascend and the night begins.
Our proposed design for the Ascott Citadine Apart’ Hotel located on Sukhumvit Soi 11 seeks to capture the qualities of this very unique Soi. It is theatrical and original yet cohesive with the Citadine Apart’ Hotel Soi 23 and Soi 8 projects also located in Bangkok. This Citadine without doubt will be the most recognized and destined for landmark status. Visually original, cost effective, technically innovative and site responsive, the design it meets and exceeds all the owner requirements and the requirements of the Ascott Citadine Apart’ Hotel brand of service apartments. It will have a broad appeal to the young travelers and the expanding affluent traveling professional target market fifa 15 coins.