Citadines Soi 23
Owner | Operator : The Ascott l Boutique Asset Management | Citadines
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 2008
Concept : The proposed concepts for Bangkok’s first Ascott CitadineApart’Hotel is a unique, contemporary modern design which will set the standard for all future Citadine Apart’Hotel locations in Bangkok as well as the architectural creativity standards for the
vibrant urban setting of Bangkok, Thailand. It is both an original design and technically innovative response to the site conditions, owner development requirements and the CitadineApart’Hotel brand of service apartments.
MASSING / FORM / CUBE: The building's massing is conceived as a simple cube, with a cubic internal space expressed within. The site’s dimensional footprint, the 23 meter high zoning regulation and the owner’s development program generates an almost perfect
mathematical proportion of space and density.
Artistically, the cubic solid is envisioned as a hard shell, solid exterior with a soft interior core. The exterior is concrete and masculine while the interior court space is dark soft wood. Interior facing rooms are combined wood and glass for light and ventilation. The soft, dark wood presses to the exterior as operable window louvers.
Random sized yet rationally placed windows create an original patterned façade of light and dark, solid and open. The random pattern emphasizes the solid cubic massing. The patterns vary from ‘vertical lines’ on the side facades to ‘point’s at the ends, like a bundle of bamboo or bundled hay bale.
A half meter illuminated plinth at ground floor creates a hovering affect to the cubic solid, yet visually anchors the massing to the site.