Rai Lei
Private Beach
Owner | Operator : Mr. Rohit Sachdev
Location : Krabi, Thailand
Date : 2005 Unbuilt
Concept : This private villa is a poetic vision, inspired by the immediate natural essences, and is a physical re-interpretation of a beached long tail boat, the indigenous fishing and transportation vessels plying the waters of Thailand for generations.
Located in a private residential club on Rai Lei Beach, Krabi Thailand, the site is accessible only by long tail boat from Ao Nang. One hundred-fifty meters from the beach, the site is secluded and very private, essentially flat and within a sandy grove of palm trees and natural grass. The site's shape is uniquely situated at a bend in the soaring limestone cliffs, formed millennia ago through sediment, who's smooth and textured faces echo the sounds of the tide after nightfall. A large crevice provides passage for the Macau monkeys who each morning, make their way through the site and rest in the enormous mango tree and the western edge of the site.
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