Motia Khan
Owner | Operator : DJ Group Delhi | Accor Asia Pacific
Location : Delhi, India
Date : 2006 Unbuilt
Concept : ....illuminated stone box
India [GkIndika] ……There is pause of silence after the word is spoken. For any foreigner, visions of mystical, magical and exotic places or evoked. India embodies the infinite, the indiscernible, the impossible and the real. As the world’s largest democracy it is also the most diverse and unified - it is a continent of extreme contrasts: Languages and dialects, religions and philosophies, weather, climate, color, foods and economies. One’s first impression of a place is often the most lasting; India offers many first impressions and in less
than a moment, one’s perception changes……….
Any one, singular building or project cannot possibly embrace the whole of India’s immense, rich culture, its’ transcendental religion, philosophies and history. Our concept for a 200 room hotel located in Motia Khan, Delhi is not singular, but multi-layered and complex. As India is multifaceted, our concepts seek inspiration from universal, yet diverse elements of India’s cultural and architectural history to create our formal and artistic expression assembled into a simple, compact and cohesive form:
• PATTERN: Historical Village form and structure
• FORM: Courtyard Space and Grand Entrance
• SYMBIOTICS: Water Cosmology
• GEOMETRY: Le’Corbusier’s regulating lines, Vastrushastra
• MATERIAL: Color and light
Given the owner’s brief, the site constraints and opportunities, the synthesis of
our concepts have created a building of modest massing, a void or courtyard
space center; – an illuminated stone box.
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