Resort and Spa
Owner | Operator : Fena Property Co., Ltd.
Location : Hua Hin, Thailand
Date : 2005 Unbuilt
Concept : Water is vital to all life: it is the genesis and re-generative source for man's existence. We come from the sea and we return to water for peace and contemplation. The concept for the Hua Hin Resort and anti-aging spa is H20: water, the regenerative and basic life substance for man and all of earth. Where there is water there is life, and where water is scarce, life cannot exist. The architectural concept for Hua Hin is envisioned as a series of sequentially layered architectural forms and spaces organized by, shaped and carved by water. Extended horizon pools, courtyards, varying structure heights, powerful cantilevers fifa coins and framed views, water gardens, rooftop gardens and vertical falls will envelope and surround the guests providing a metaphysical transformation and healing environment suitable for a long and re-generative stay.