Tribe Hudson NYC
Owner | Operator : SBE Entertainment Group
Location : New York, USA
Date : 2019
Concept :

What tribe are you.....

We are the tribe from Bangkok, the east. Migrating to the west bringing our design, space, texture and colour sensibilities; and balance. Our design concept is a tribal intervention; to both a historical and contemporary landmark...Hudson and Stark.
We are invaders and peacemakers. We bring respect for the old; we bring disruptive harmony, balance, renovation and innovation.. Wired and relaxed.  Disruptive and desirable. Our global tribe meets New York tribe. Uptown downtown, east side meets west side.
For the renovation of the historic Hudson hotel to an Accor Tribe with seek a upscale, edge, Lifestyle design 
- within means.
Boat cabin meets Pan Am Business Class. In 1924 a historic | philanthropical landmark was created. 
The foundation was laid. In 1997, a modern landmark was created. A lavish room, a neglected bath. In 2020, we seek to insert a balance. A respectful renovation of the room, a carefully measured, innovative intervention appropriate to the TRIBE brand, costs and time. We seek a positive disruption to bring a balance. Wired and Easy. Work and  play 
Tribes realize they are a tribe when they meet another tribe. They clash, they balance, they grow. 
We are pleased to meet your Tribe………
Significant 1997 investment in room. WC in need of significant upgrade.
Maintain and restore the original mahogany wood wall panelling and floors. 
Replace the Bed, Desk, Bed side tables.
New Soft finishes: carpet, black out, shear and drapery at bath window
Replace the timber blind window treatment with pleated soft fabric. (As timber blinds difficult to maintain; and number one guest complaint). 
Replace selective Lighting and Lighting controls
Enhance connectivity, power and USD points
Replace TV with TV with mirror.
Upgrade wardrobe
Upgrade Entry Vestibule.
Open up; remove door and section of wall. 
Selective replacement of existing ceramic tile with TRIBE graphic tile
Maintain the original Duravit, Axor and WC sanitary ware. Save costs.
New wall shop fabricated panel incorporating plumbing, lighting, power, illuminated mirror.