Novotel Room
Owner | Operator : Accor Hotels
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 2014
Concept :
INTRO: The (accord hotels) brief called for an innovative design requiring an innovative approach to re-think the standard or typical (European and global) small scale hotel room. A new generation Novotel room with a design that innovates; a design that thinks outside the box; yet a design with global reach, appeal and application. (not a small order). 
From the beginning of our design process, from the first sketch, through the working details and throughout the prototype process, we sought a simple, fresh, innovative concept. Avoid complications. Keep it light, bright, technically simple (suiting the needs of the guest in an innovative (fashion). and a design that is appealing to the modern business and now business/leisure travel lifestyle. 
As with the spirit of the ground breaking, innovative Novotel rooms dating back to the first one 1967, we also sought a design that practical, functional and tuned to the modern traveler. as in the mid-20th century, when architectural, interior and industrial design (heroically) stylishly sought to make a difference in daily life, travel, mass housing, the automobile and a golden age of industrial design, we are in a similar era of a digital technology, virtual reality and industrial design revolution ….with style.
The core design concept began with (a) (series of) question(s). How do we make a (small) 24m2 rooms bigger? How do we make it adaptable, flexible and affordable to a worldwide range of locations, sizes, shapes and cultures? And how do we make it functional and fun. (How do we bring a smile to the guests.) We found the answers with three key identifying concepts (words): open, flexible and modular. 
The open bath and bath ensemble was the first key design concept. From the guest first arrival experience at the moment of opening the door, the room feels spacious. Eliminating the typical entry foyer compression point (experience) opens the room, allowing natural light to flow to all corners, and provide distance view thru a window. 
The factory pre-fabricated bath ensemble orients the open vanity area to the window so one can enjoy the natural light, the open room, the tv. The bath area feels larger, contemporary (and historical/nostalgic), when bath basins were typically within the room.) wc and shower compartments are efficiently located next to the (ubiquitous) sanitary riser or shaft saving costs, reduce piping coordination issues and acoustic isolation. Enclosed with one way view mirrored glass, this material choice offer views out to the room while maintaining privacy within, allow natural light in, and enlarge the vanity area with mirrored effects. 
The flexible and adaptablilty element is the second and equally key design concept. The bath ensemble can be configured with or without sliding panels (doors) depending on the market or owner requirements. The sliding panels open at the corner creating a contemporary architectural (interior) spatial effect. The sliding panels are multi-functional offering mirror space, and privacy. The cantilevered vanity and basin is original, unique and a (brilliant) solution for renovation properties preventing/mitigating the need for floor coring for pipe works. 
The room furnishings are designed with a “loose fit” concept; (not the standard built in, un-yielding and un-moving hotel rooms of the past). the furnishings are intended to be residential in style and function, a home away from home feel; and furniture with a dual function: the coffee table can be a desk; the desk a dining table, the sofa a bed, the bed comfortable as a residential style sofa. Loose fit lighting fixtures provide another layer of residential style and comfort. The artwork becomes a feature wall. Contemporary, spatially and proportionally placed, this key design feature is intended to localize the hotel, which is key to the Novotel brand DNA (spirit). Three different palettes of laminate woods, tiles, fabrics and carpets offer flexibility to markets, designers and owner budgets (requirements). Ample usb charging points at desk and bed offer flexible living for guests. 
The modular is the third, but not least important key design concept. The modularity of the key room components is key to the success of the flexibilty and adaptability of the design. All the key room features/components are a modular design and can be pre-fabricated and shipped globally or locally. The bath ensemble is modular in dimension, resin polymer material and available in all markets. 
The wardrobe is modular in dimension, loose fit and not built in as with typical wardrobes. It is equally an ensemble of modular components including the oversized luggage rack, the minibar with the original/unique refrigerated drawer, the tv panel and the wall mounted power track which eliminates costly or unavailable wall access for power distribution. The (new) signature bed is residential in style and comfort, yet an efficiently componentized ensemble of bed, bed base and headboard containing power, connectivity, room control and personal mobile device storage.