Residential Condominium
Location : Pattaya, Thailand
Date : 2013
Concept :
Architecture, as is the environment and humanity, are shaped by the forces of nature. As do governing laws; in this case the zoning laws.  The surface tension and swell of the sea is shaped by gravitational forces. The forces of breaking waves shape the rocks; the dunes by the tide, the architect by laws.
To achieve a luxury property status, the design priorities are:
Create a luxury environment for the owners
Seamless integration of the Landscape, Architecture and Interior Design
A contemporary yet timeless design
Living spaces with view to the sea and extend the sea experience  
Large units providing a true luxury of scale
Maximizing the building area and sellable area  
FORM: Our initial concept study is shaped by those same forces becoming a seamless topographical massing, façade and landscape. In essence, the design parti, the dialogue, the story has become a horizontal to vertical topographical landscape merging the swell of the sea, into a topographically faceted landscape, massing and façade. The Ma, the negative space, the space-time intervals between topographical shifts are proportional like a chambered nautilus, technical, economic and yet overlap like the waves,  
DISPLACEMENT: Architecturally, we sought a form and massing of geometrical clarity and order, pure form of primitive power, technically expressive, monolithic yet light and transparent as the sea.  We seek a work of permanence. Like the sea it seeks to emulate, the design will flow gracefully through the passage of time.  
Equally, the massing is shaped by the concept of displacement. The site zoning constraints create a massing challenge - balanced with opportunity.  The GFA must be maximized within a highly restrictive, constraining zoning envelope. In order to fact the massing, areas are displaced and re-allocated within the zoning envelope to reach a maximum height, width and depth. The concept of displacement is envisioned equally for the topographically faceted landscape, where pools, terracing, sculpture are shaped as negative masses within the ground to maintain views of the sea.  
MATERIAL: GLASS | STONE | WOOD:  To compliment the striated, staggered and overlapping massing we sought a nobility and clarity of timeless building materials which metaphorically overlap like waves in planes of texture, color and tendons of light. We envision the use of high performance glass cladding, shell stone detailing at tactile areas, and teak woods.