Owner | Operator : Accor Asia Pacific
Location : Singapore
Date : 2012
Concept : “..... an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by covalent chemical bonds...”
Futuristic, convivial and connectivity ..... Our inspiration for the form, materiality and connectivity of this 10m2 hotel room is inspired by the concepts of molecular geometry.  A hotel is like a cluster of molecules – all the individual rooms collectively boded to create a charged community – a commonality of need and want. Each guest room is a molecular unit within a larger cluster – and within the vast connected world.
Molecule, as a concept, provides an infinite inspirational data base: Scientifically, socially, scale and pattern.  This concept extends from a room tile or carpet pattern, to the geometrical proportion of the room, to the public spaces.  Structured, yet elastic. Comforting and curved.