Residential Condomiunim Tower
Owner | Operator : Sukhumvit Land
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 2004 Unbuilt
Concept : The design and concept are both a visually poetic and formal response fifa 15 coins to the small site and the narrow available building footprint. A residential tower located in the fashionable Sukhumvit district of Bangkok and a Soi known for its vibrant nightlife and architecture, this context solicited and necessitated a unique design response.
The form and shape are influenced by the immediate formal constraints of ‘place’ and the cultural essences of Bangkok and Thailand. The design is envisioned as a grain of threshed rice rising on the banks of a Soi leading from a former Klong, or waterway. It is a timepiece that gathers and re-directs the intense and abundant sunlight of Southeast Asia.